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Xtend > Data Analytics

Xtend Data Analytics
mines and interprets member data.

Xtend > Data Analytics

Xtend Data Analytics mines and interprets member data.


We specialize in data mining and reporting. With an intricate knowledge of the CU*BASE platform, we use the tools at hand to pinpoint targets, create member marketing lists, and reveal patterns.
Most of our products are detailed reports on member databases that reveal how your members think, act, and interact with your credit union.


Click on a tag to sort by type. Click a product title for details.

Call Center Scorecard

An analysis of your calls and callers.

CD & Money Market Call Reporting

A report on CD and money market call campaign effectiveness.

Custom Marketing Analysis

A customized analysis with a marketing focus.

Custom Target Audience

A member list, targeted to your specifications.

Direct Deposit & Checking Account Call Reporting

A report on direct deposit and checking account call campaign effectiveness.

Email Performance Analysis

A deep dive into marketing email effectiveness.

Enhanced Campaign Reporting

An in-depth analysis of your recent marketing.

Frequent Caller NSP Program

Generate lists of Next Suggested Product Trackers for frequent callers.

Know What to Market

An outline of marketing opportunities, as suggested by data.

Know Who to Contact

A report on potential target audiences for your upcoming marketing.

Know Why Your Members Call

A look into who calls your credit union and why.

Know Your Online Credit Card Holders

A report on online card holders' behaviors, indicating which products they'll need.

Know Your Outside Credit Card Holders

A report on credit card holders' tradeline data and payment behaviors.

Losing the Love Enhanced Reporting

Additional reporting on your Losing the Love program.

Managed Campaign Data

Data management and more for upcoming campaigns.

Marketing Scorecard

A report detailing your credit union's unique marketing opportunities.

New Member Onboarding Reporting

Understand the engagement level of your new members.

Sales Tools Crash Course

A live walkthrough of CU*BASE sales tools and related technologies.

Sales Tracker Consultation

A series of live walkthroughs of Sales Tracking methods and tools.

Wrap Up Code Consultation

Learn how to set up and use Wrap Up Codes. Includes code configuration.

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