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Custom Analysis

Service info

A customized analysis for marketing-specific insights. Highly flexible, able to be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Examples of what this service has been used for in the past or could be used for include but are not limited to –

  • 1-Click delinquency, write off, and finance charge history report
  • Enhanced Custom Reporting
  • Social Media report
  • Pre-Marketing Analysis
  • Pre-Journey Analysis
  • Tracker Reporting

How it helps

Understand how your most recent marketing efforts performed, and make better decisions backed up by this data in the future. Apply visuals and set the standard for campaign performance by understanding your campaign from multiple angles, chosen by you.


A full report in PDF format.

One-time fee:

$100 / hour

Note: Pricing for this analysis is flexible and will be quoted after the study is discussed in detail.

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