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Xtend Contact Center
helps more members,
more often.

Xtend Contact Center helps more members, more often.


When members call, we pick up the phone. We're a full-service call center, with highly-trained staff capable of handling large call volumes.
We act as a direct extension to your credit union, with flexible plans and customization options, and we offer outbound call plans to help promote your services directly to members.


Xtend Contact Center is available 8am - 8pm on weekdays and 8am - 5pm on Saturdays. Extended hours (8pm - 11pm on weekdays) can also be purchased for some products. Available hours may vary by product. All times are Eastern.


Click on a tag to sort by type. Click a product title for details.

Branch ST Outbound Calls

Outbound calls to targeted members.

Branch ST Self-Service

Weekly call lists for your outbound campaigns.

Branch XT

Inbound member service.

Branch XT Bi-lingual

Spanish Inbound member service.

Contact Unlimited

Outbound calls to clients/prospects predefined by a number of campaigns.

Core Direct

An inbound loan lead hotline.

CU*BASE Conversion Support- Inbound

Post-conversion inbound member support.

CU*BASE Conversion Support- Outbound

Pre-conversion outbound member support.

Disaster Recovery Support

Top-notch inbound member service for significant branch outages.

Web Chat

Member service representatives use online chat to resolve member issues.
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