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Xtend Communications offers new banner management service for Member Reach clients

Xtend Communications launched a new banner management service for Member Reach clients on January 10th. Xtend has been looking into providing a service to replace eInfo after it was discontinued due to the It’s Me 247 online banking update. Banner management provides clients with the ability to reach their members through their It’s Me 247 […]
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Xtend Communications informs, promotes and delivers to members

Xtend Communications informs, promotes and delivers to members. We are your remote marketing studio! We handle advertising, design, member contact and more for over a hundred credit unions. Need a multi-channel campaign to promote a product? How about an automated HTML email system? Want a message targeted to specific members? We can take your marketing efforts to the next level.
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2022 is around the corner! Don’t forget to sign up for RevGen annual renewal!

Let RevGen act as a Revenue Generator for your Credit Union. RevGen bundles four multi-channel marketing campaigns under one annual set-up fee!* By leveraging cross department collaboration, Xtend is able to assist your Credit Union in meeting your marketing goals. We take care of the heavy lifting to get you those leads you need!
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Xtend welcomes eleven new owners since October 2021

Xtend, a shared resource CUSO, continued its trend of adding new owners as it announced eleven credit unions had purchased stock since October. This puts the CUSO at 103 owners, and 24 new owners in the past year.
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Let Xtend help you reach your members!

Xtend offers a program called Member Reach. Member Reach includes over 45 automated, branded, and easy to customize emails that go out to your membership based on predefined reasons. We utilize the data held within CU*BASE, meaning your Credit Union does not need to set up file transfers, programs, or any of the heavy lifting that typically comes with an automated email program.
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