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About Xtend
& our partnerships

About Xtend

& our partnerships

About Xtend

Xtend is very proud of its focus on credit unions. Since our founding in 2002, our board of directors has consisted of nine credit union executives with a common vision of helping their industry peers stay relevant in the eyes of their members in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This vision translates simply — provide the highest quality service at a price point that sets us apart.

We encourage you to check out our presentations below to learn more about Xtend!

Xtend Leadership

Liz Winninger


Melissa Medley

Administrative Manager

Jalyn Lindeman

VP of Product
& Business Development

Kimberley Rawl

Process & Systems Manager

People Ops

Sarah Ashby

AVP of Communications

Xtend Data Analytics

Ashley Schneider

Manager of
Communication Services

Zac Chaltry

AVP of the
Contact Center

Connie Plas

Manager of

Back Office Services

Xtend Board of Directors

Liz Winninger

President & CEO


Steve Cobb

President & CEO

BlueOx CU

Geoff Johnson



Vickie Schmitzer


Frankenmuth CU

Carma Peters

President & CEO

Michigan Legacy CU

Michael Abraham

President & CEO

First Financial CU

Chuck Papenfus


Inland Valley FCU

Mike Barr

President & CEO

Commodore Perry FCU

Jim Miles



Mark Richter

President & CEO

First United CU

North Central Area CU

Xtend Partnerships

Xtend is a proud partner of, which represents a network of credit union owned CUSOs that have developed a capability for serving members in a whole new way. This collaboration leverages the power and effectiveness of a network of business partners, committed to coming together to provide credit unions a variety of services at competitive CUSO prices.

CU*Answers is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO whose flagship product – CU*BASE – is utilized by nearly 200 credit unions nationally, as well as the lead architect of the network.

CU*NorthWest is a franchise-like partnership based on extending CU*BASE solutions to a broader audience, based in Liberty Lake, Washington.

CU*South is a franchise-like partnership based on extending CU*BASE solutions to a broader audience, based in Fairhope, Alabama.

Rekindle Go Big is a cost reduction and planning consultancy focused on helping credit unions remain independent.

Site-Four is our data center storage facility.

eDOC Innovations is our document verification and processing partner.

Variable Ventures is a group investment think tank. They along with six other CUSOs have committed to drive the five initiatives asking for change within the credit union industry.

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