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Xtend Communications
informs, promotes, and
delivers to members.

Xtend Communications

informs promotes, and

delivers to members.


We are your remote marketing studio. We handle advertising, design, member contact and more for over a hundred credit unions.
Need a multi-channel campaign to promote a product? How about an automated HTML email system? Want a message targeted to specific members? We can take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Click on a tag to sort by type. Click a product title for details.

Custom Messages

Special messages to members, targeted with data.


Online newsletters sent directly to members.

Graphic Design

Custom print and digital design.

HTML eStatement Notifications

Automatic eStatement notifications, emailed to members.

Losing the Love

Data-driven member retention.

Marketing Consultation

Expert consultations on Social Media, Marketing, and Marketing Plans.

Member Reach

Automatic emails to members.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Custom marketing campaigns, including a targeted audience, calls and more.

New Member Onboarding

A series of introductory emails, driven by member data.

OLLE- OnLine Lead Engine

Online contests to convert followers into loan leads.

RevGen Campaigns

Revenue generation via bundled marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Manage your social media accounts all at once, or have us manage them for you.

Submit custom content

These products have special forms to submit custom content.
HTML eStatement Notifications RevGen Campaigns
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