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RevGen Campaigns

Service info

Bundled custom campaigns. Starting at four per year, each can focus on a different product, service, or promotion. Click here for a printable PDF with more RevGen package details and pricing.

How it helps

Allows you to efficiently run multiple marketing campaigns per year. Regular campaigns help drive product awareness, hit revenue goals, and keep your brand top-of-mind.


Deliverables vary, but can include custom HTML email blasts, It’sMe247 Online Banking messages, phone calls to members, one ROI report per campaign, and semi-annual campaign summary reports. Additionally, some packages include Next Suggested Product trackers.

Submitting custom content?

If you already have RevGen, click here to submit custom content.

One-time fee:

$1000 Annually
$200 / additional campaign max 2

Ongoing fees:

$0.01 / email
Quote provided for additional channels 

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