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Member Reach

Service info

Take advantage of a library of 40+ message automations that trigger based on events throughout the member lifecycle. Send out your messages tailored to cover events like Birthdays, Upcoming Payments, New Loans, etc.

How it helps

When you combine data with message automation you’re able to improve personalization, making each message more timely and relevant to the individual member. These messages lead to higher engagement and retention because you are meeting member needs, building relationships, and promoting your products and services.


A customized library of HTML emails, set to automatically send to members based on a schedule or specific variables (such as birthday emails, which send on the member’s birthday). You’ll choose any number of 40+ available emails, and we’ll work with you to customize messages so they fit your community.

Check out the Library

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more and starting a conversation about what Member Reach would look like for your credit union, please fill out this contact form.

We will reach out to you to set up a meeting time to talk through this service personally!

Ready to order?

One-time fee:


*An additional $500 set up fee will apply if not launched within two months of effective date.

Ongoing fees:

$330 / month

$0.025 / HTML email

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