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Core Direct

Product info

Is an Initiative between Xtend and Lender*VP to create a seamless loan application process for Xtend agents, Loan officers and members as if they were speaking to the credit union directly. Unlike XT direct lending,  Xtend will be able take the loan application directly on CU*Base and have it available for loan offices/underwriters immediately. Xtend also works with FUEL decision model applications and is looking into a web based LOS.

How it helps

Offers additional support for you lending department, Meaning fewer missed opportunities. Pay per call, per app and for booked loans instead of per minute without reentering data. Loan applications are taken directly on CU*Base offering an easier lending process


Core Direct is available 8am – 8pm on weekdays, and 8am – 5pm on Saturdays. All times are Eastern.

One-time fee:

Quote provided


Ongoing fees:

Starting at $25 / month

$2.75 / call

$2.50 / application

$5 / booked loan

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