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Wrap Up Code Consultation

Service info

A meeting and discussion of your regular calls, with a demo and discussion of the Wrap Up Code technology in CU*BASE, configuration of Wrap Up Codes, and complimentary configurations. Includes an overview of related analytics and how to gain actionable insight in use.

Click here for a printable PDF with more information.

How it helps

Track the reasons your members call and learn more about your credit union’s callers to improve your phone support operations and marketing programs. This consultation will help your credit union implement Wrap Up Code processes.


Wrap Up Code configurations and accompanying configurations in CU*BASE. Includes a demo of the technology & related technology.

One-time fee:


Note: Any ongoing fees or recurring services will be quoted per-request.

Looking for more targeted analysis? Dive deeper with Phone Optics from CU*Answers Asterisk Intelligence.

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