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Marketing Query Bundle

Service info

Gain a copy of four of Xtend’s most commonly requested marketing queries including our standard exclusions with accompanying how-to guides for running and updating on your own whenever you’d like to refresh and reuse them.


Choose up to 4 options from the below audience examples:

  • Standard Audience (all members 18(+) within standard exclusions)
  • Standard Campaign Audience (all members 18(+) with a credit score range of your choosing within standard exclusions)
  • Where Your Members Borrow Audience (all members 18(+) with a credit score range of your choosing, outside loan type of your choosing, within standard exclusions)
  • Standard Exclusions (excludes those marked deceased, opted out of CU/3rd party contact, with written off/charged off/delinquent loans)
  • Data Hygiene listing
  • Losing the Love audiences (10 total audiences to choose from)
  • CLIP audience
  • Aggregate balance audiences
  • Members without a specific internal credit union product
  • Members who qualify for skip a pay
  • Transaction based audiences (members who have recently performed/not performed a specific set of transactions)
  • Members who have or have not logged into or utilized various self-services

How it helps

Take the stress out of last minute query requests with pre-built options at your finger tips.

Empower your staff with the ability to run basic target audience lists whenever they need them.


Four CU*BASE files with accompanying how-to PDF guides.

Ongoing fees:

$350 / bundle

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