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Scorecards provide short, simplified analysis you can obtain on a recurring basis and are often used to make decisions that can impact your ROI on future marketing campaigns, improve daily operations, and provide you with a deeper understanding of different areas of your membership. Click here for a printable PDF with available Scorecards, and more information. To see a sample of the scorecard you would be receiving, click here.

A short analysis of your wrap up codes provides you with a detailed breakdown of who called your credit union last month, and why they called.

How it helps

Get a better understanding of who and why your members call the credit union. It can improve your internal operations and communications with these members.


1-page PDF with a breakdown of your wrap up code usage, the members who call, and recommended action items.

Looking for more targeted analysis? Dive deeper with Phone Optics from CU*Answers Asterisk Intelligence.

A short analysis of your recently closed memberships and currently active but disengaging members. Includes detailed breakdowns of reasons members closed their accounts, age and tenure of closures, and some disengaging behaviors to watch for in your membership.

How it helps

Provides details on your current and recently left members, allowing you to study whether retention services should be a focus and the chance to increase member retention.


Better understand the rate at which you gain versus lose members each month and explore the behaviors your recently closed memberships displayed the month before they left your credit union. This two-page analysis can help you see if a Losing the Love program would be beneficial to you, and if changes to your membership closing or opening processes are necessary.

An informational report of your membership breakdown and the products and services they hold.

How it helps

Provides details on your membership, and offers up next steps to improve different areas of your credit union and membership participation.


A brief, two-page analysis of your credit union’s hidden marketing opportunities. Focuses on membership breakdown by age, credit score and service enrollment.

A short analysis of your recent social media postings, followers, and your membership and how they all interact with one another. Includes detailed breakdowns of your membership in comparison to your social media following and optimal post times.

How it helps

Provides details on your social media posts, showing you when and how posting is most effective within your membership and your community.


This two-page analysis can help you see if a draw important conclusions from your social media activity and where there might be room for improvement or growth, and if changes to your social media process would be beneficial.

**Must have Social Media services with Xtend to participate.


One-time fee:

$50 – $100*

*as low as $50 for first page of scorecard only

Ongoing fees:

$75 / scorecard

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