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Xtend Community Scholarship

About the Opportunity

Here at Xtend we don’t mess around. We walk the talk. And when we say our mission is to create an ecosystem of support from which credit unions and members can thrive, we mean it. Our scholarships are were created to hold us to our commitment.

Simply put, our goal is to start new credit unions, help struggling credit unions and spread education within the financial industry on how to start a credit union and how to help start up and struggling credit unions. It’s a mission we don’t take lightly. We believe it’s not only about providing scholarships, or funding an effort, but also seeking out and finding communities that could benefit from a cooperative financial institution. It’s a passion.

If you’re a CUSO, credit union, vendor or or just about any business or person interested in partnership with Xtend, we’ll expect you to join us in this effort. If you’re a future credit union, or even thinking about starting a credit union, call us, we will want to help and we aren’t alone. We have a network of CUSO’s, credit unions and industry professionals who stand along side us in our efforts.

It’s called “The Credit Union Movement” for a reason. Join us, and let’s get moving.

Xtend has two scholarship offerings Financial Relief and De Novo. Financial Relief is for struggling credit unions, looking for financial relief. De Novo is for new credit unions looking to start their journey. Fill out the Application Form below to get started!

Steps for Submitting a Scholarship Application

When preparing to submit your Scholarship packet a summary checklist is provided for authorization.
To ensure that each candidate fully understands the requirements in applying for the Scholarship Program, and to ensure that if chosen, the applicable timing for scheduling a CU*BASE conversion date is not impacted by Board of Director and attorney considerations approval, several key steps include:
1. Contacting the Scholarship Administrator (
2. An Xtend demo will be presented to your Credit Union Team.
3. A preliminary Xtend Scholarship Pricing Proposal will be developed.
4. Completion of the Scholarship Application or begin the application online.
5. Write a short essay/summary (300 – 500 words or less) that documents your financial need and future plans. Be sure to address the specific questions on the application.
6. Present the Scholarship Agreement and other applicable documents to your Board of Directors and Attorney for formal approval.
7. Now, submit your final packet to the Scholarship Administrator. (

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