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Let us help!

This scholarship was created as a unique offering to help provide struggling credit unions an opportunity for growth and change. We all know it has been crazy this past year or so, and we really want to see everyone succeed!

How to apply

Please fill out the application below! Please don’t feel nervous about the essay response. We just want to learn how we can better serve you.

Xtend Community Scholarship Application Form

Xtend has two scholarship offerings Financial Relief and De Novo. Financial Relief is for struggling credit unions, looking for financial relief. De Novo is for new credit unions looking to start their journey. Fill out the Application Form below to get started!

The Name of your Credit Union
Credit Union Address(Required)
Contact Name(Required)
Contact Name for Application
Contact Phone Number for Application
Contact Email Address for Application
Name of your Credit Union's CEO
Scholarship Options(Required)
What scholarship are you applying for?
Write a Short essay between 300-500 words answering these questions: What do you see as the potential for your accelerated success by partnering with Xtend? What you hope we can accomplish together through our network?
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