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At Xtend we live by the 7 Cooperative Principals.  Our owners each have equal shares and thereby each owner has an equal voice, with one vote per owner.

Within this site you will be able to gather all of the information you need to cast an informed vote.  You will find a link to the candidates, our voting rules, and any other information you need to stay up to date with the Xtend Board of Directors Election process.  You can even vote right here!

Thank you for your partnership, we truly appreciate you, our owner!

2017 Nominations are in!

April 4, 2017 Samantha Banka

Per Xtend’s Board Handbook, this is the office notice that the time to receive nominations to fill the two seats open on the Xtend Board of Directors has closed as of March 31, 2017.

Voting Electronically

This year, Xtend will be offering the option to vote online for the 2017 Xtend Board of Directions election on June 20, 2017, using a tool called Simply Voting (simplyvoting.com). The ballot will be sent to all owners during the week of May 1, 2017.

During the week of May 1, 2017, all owners will receive an email from xtendcuso.SimplyVoting.com with an electronic ballot.

Owners who would not like to place their vote electronically can obtain a hard copy of the ballot here.

Please keep in mind that paper ballots will be available at the meeting in June. Owners who would like to wait to cast their may do so via paper at the meeting on June 20, 2017.

2016 Stockowners Annual Meeting Minutes

Xtend Audited Financial Statements

Xtend Board Handbook

Meet the Candidates

Barb Mills

Barb Mills Photo

Barb Mills Nomination Letter

Barb Mills Resume

Steve Searfoss

Steve Searfoss Photo

Steve Searfoss Nomination Letter

Steve Searfoss Resume



Election Rules

For complete election rules, refer to the “Annual Election of Directors” section of the current Xtend Board Handbook

The annual election to fill seats on the Xtend Board of Directors is held during the Annual Stockholders meeting in June.  To qualify to serve on the Xtend Board of Directors, a candidate must be a full-time paid CEO, or other Senior Executive approved by the CEO, of the entity which they represent which has Xtend ownership for at least one year as of the date of the election.

There are three ways for owners to vote:

  1. Via absentee (proxy) ballot, which must be mailed to CU*Answers
  2. Electronically via responding to the e-ballot
  3. In person at the Stockholders Meeting

The Credit Union appoints the Xtend Teller of Elections as proxy and authorizes him or her to represent and to vote at the Annual Stockholders Meeting all voting rights held by the Credit Union according to the directions indicated above.   This proxy will be voted only as directed above by the Credit Union.  The Credit Union may revoke this proxy at any time.

All ballots will be tallied during the Annual Stockholders Meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, at the J. W. Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids.  Ballots cast at the meeting must be signed by at least one authorized representative from the credit union, either the CEO or the Board Chairperson.  (Other credit union representatives attending must attach a letter of authorization signed by the Credit Union CEO and Chairperson in order to vote on behalf of the credit union.)

Ballots cast electronically must be submitted by the credit union CEO, no later than Friday, June 16, 2017.

Paper absentee ballots will be accepted until Friday, June 16, 2017 and must be signed by the credit union CEO.  Send the signed paper ballot Xtend, Attn: Liz Winninger, CEO, 6000 28th Street SE, Suite 100, Grand Rapids, MI  49546.

Only one ballot may be cast per credit union owner; if multiple ballots are cast, the last one received will be counted and all others disregarded.

Voting Electronically

Whether or not you will be attending the Stockholders Meeting in June, you can choose to vote via proxy, either by mailing your ballot or by voting electronically. Owners can choose to cast their votes via the Simply Voting (simplyvoting.com) tool which is new for this year’s election.

Q:  What about that consent form I had to sign last year?

A: The proposed bylaw change that was ratified in 2016 was the provision to streamline electronic notification and voting procedures.  Specifically, it is no longer necessary for CUs to sign an electronic consent form in order to use e-voting.  That means that starting this year all owners will receive election materials electronically.  Just remember that you can still choose to print and submit a hard copy of the ballot if you prefer.

Q: Does receiving materials electronically mean I must vote electronically?

A: If you decide at the last minute that you would prefer to cast your vote after hearing from the candidates at the meeting, that’s fine.  We will have extra copies of the ballot on hand, and as long as either the CEO or the CU Board Chairperson is there to sign the ballot, it will be counted along with all absentee and electronic votes.  We will still count only one vote per owner, of course, based on the one we receive last.



It’s all about the principles.  The Cooperative Principles, that is…namely:

Democratic Member Control Xtend is a democratic organization controlled by our members – those who buy our goods and use our services – who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. Learn more about the 7 Cooperative Principles.
On this site you can meet the candidates vying to fill a spot on the Xtend Board of Directors. Read their story about how they plan to contribute on the Board and represent you as an owner.
And while you are here, read up on the election rules and find out more about how you can put your hat in the ring next year to serve on the Board!


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