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Xtend has a solution for you with Eltropy!

Zipwhip was acquired by Twilio in May, as of October 25 they have decided to shut down Zipwhip software products important milestone dates listed below.

Important Milestones

End of Account Changes: April 30, 2022 After this date, you will no longer be able to make most changes to your account, including purchasing upgrades and requesting downgrades.

End of Product Functionality: December 1, 2022 After this date, Zipwhip’s software product will no longer be available on any apps, including desktop, mobile and web. Integrations will also cease to function at this time.

​​​Even though Xtend is sad to see Zipwhip go, we have a solution for you! We at Xtend have recently signed with Eltropy a Digital Communication for Financial Institutions. Eltropy provides the same services as Zipwhip and more! Want more information? Please contact us, we look forward to speaking with you!

Need more information on Zipwhip Shutdown? Zipwhip Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

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