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We're Still Relevant!

Email Marketing in a Sea of Social Media!

In a world of constant scrolling, likes and shares, it’s easy to write off email marketing as irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, we’re still here and important as ever.

Think about who you want to reach. If your only focus is being present on social media, you’ll reach everyone…. who happens to visit your social media platforms. What about the rest of your membership?

Whether you want to get in touch with your entire membership or a targeted group of members, using multi-channel marketing such as email, phone calls and It’sMe247 messages assures you can do that!

Where do I start?

Remember, reaching your members isn’t just about products and sales, it’s about building a connection. Let them know how you’re present in their community, ask them to update their information, create surveys to understand what’s important to them or how your credit union is affecting their lives. Multi-channel marketing is full of possibilities and results.

Partner with Xtend and let us help you build a connection. 

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