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What are your credit union’s major marketing weaknesses?

Many financial institutions mark their three biggest problem areas as: Personalization & Automation, Data Management & Analytics, and Onboarding & Cross-Selling.


Journeys are a way to automatically deliver time sensitive, individually relevant information to your members.

Whether it’s targeting new members with customized information about benefits, services, and products in their first 90 days, or members that ordered new credit cards when and where it will be mailed, best practices for using that specific credit product, etc.

If you have the data for it, we can build a Journey for it.
More than just a marketing campaign, it’s building a foundation to effortlessly keep your members informed.

Have an idea for a Journey you’d like to see for your credit union? Let us know! From reminding graduates to start paying student loans to informing members if they qualify for monthly checking rewards, we’re here to help.

We’re here to listen to your needs and see how we can turn your weaknesses into strengths.
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