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Have you ever thought about how many members leave your credit union in the first 100 days?

Well, your credit union may be different, but on average, there are a few trends to observe.

Let’s start with the basics: of all new members, almost a third of them close their account in the first 100 days.

40% will leave before their account has become profitable!

The first 100 days of that member’s experience are pivotal to making a loyal fan!

How Can Xtend Improve Your Member Retention?

We offer a variety of ways to automatic communicate with your members. By doing so we keep your members engaged and help them feel seen by your credit union.

Member Reach

With Member Reach, you can stay in touch better than ever by utilizing our automated marketing. Messages are scheduled so that members don’t go too long without hearing from you—and we can tailor the message to be sure the copy is relevant to maximize its impact.

This service also offers the following as well:


A way to create new leads for memberships

Save time with message automation

Emails that lead to sales

Reporting of your service performance

Interested in learning more? Use the link below to request a 1 on 1 to discuss your marketing needs. 

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