Pricing is a tricky business. You can approach it from several different perspectives, ranging from “charge what the market will bear,” to “recover your development costs plus a small profit,” to “give it away and hope for a bigger payoff down the road from the relationship,” to a myriad of other cost accounting, profit-based formulas. At Xtend, we set our prices to fit the income statements of our clients, first. No big up-front risk is passed from our business to the credit unions. Pay as you go, pay as you earn. We are not a middleman; we are a cooperative manufacturer, and we have the power to price like one. As a cooperative, we remind ourselves that each and every time a client remits a payment, that paid invoice is an investment, not simply a transaction for services rendered. Therefore, our price should be based on our continued ability to innovate, carry forward as an ongoing concern, and ultimately, add to the collective capital of the credit union system.

Pricing Guide

This Pricing Guide is a snap shot in time and subject to periodic updates. To fully understand each service and the value provided to our clients, please contact our Sales staff through our interactive ‘Live Chat.’