Our value proposition focuses on four main objectives: COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, CONNECTION, and EXECUTION. with an overlying spirit of INNOVATION that encompasses everything we do. By aligning our goals with your Business Plan, we hope to help redefine your vision of what it means to be partners vested in each other’s success. Partnering with Xtend means building a business together. We hope you will consider this tremendous opportunity.

In today’s marketplace it is imperative that you select business partners whose core value proposition aligns closely with yours. At Xtend, our business plan is developed and executed with a “customer of our customer” focus to ensure that an environment of open communication is fostered not only between us as business partners, but also between you and your members.

We believe this need for effective communication has never been more true than in today’s “networked world.” Members expect to communicate (and be communicated with) on their terms and through their preferred channel. As a CUSO, we have the ability to communicate with over a million members through multiple channels on a daily basis and can bring our experience serving that marketplace to bear to help drive the goals of your credit union.

We consider it our personal responsibility to help you become more relevant in the lives of your members. It all starts with effective communication—WE ARE ALL EARS.

In today’s competitive environment, you need a strategic partner that delivers innovative and cost effective solutions that not only address your current business challenges, but also help you look to the future. The marketplace today is filled with companies who boast about innovation as a core competency, but Xtend walks that talk on a daily basis. Since its inception, our CUSO has continually answered the call of our owners to provide effective solutions to help them remain competitive. These solutions are not just an outsourced variation of the status quo, but innovative leveraging of the tools, people, and focused execution that deliver value to your bottom line. We invite you to experience the Xtend difference—you will not be disappointed.

Our industry, for all of its cooperation and social motivations about power, status, and respect for the individual member, remains primarily driven by the independent focus of disparate credit union organizations. It could be argued that credit union partnerships have been, for the most part, solutions for scaling transactional and member service operations a defensive manner—designed to save money or avoid getting closed out of key market spaces.

Our goal at Xtend is to establish a different template for collaboration, beginning with a mutual vesting in each other’s success. This philosophy permeates our product and service offerings. Our investment and shared branching solutions facilitate partnerships without transaction fees. Our back office solutions are designed so that we can quickly engage (or disengage) based on your business needs. Our inbound and outbound contact solutions help keep you “top of mind” in the consumer’s eyes. And our pricing methodology is what you would expect out of a credit-union owned partner—we charge only when we have to, not simply because we can.

As your trusted CUSO partner, we envision a future for our extended business network where the technology, resources, people, and the value that credit unions have to offer their members are blended together in a way that our industry has not seen yet. Let’s grow together!

Xtend is part of an energetic business network representing over 600 credit unions and multiple CUSOs serving millions of members throughout the country. Through this extended business network we are able to provide not only a comprehensive array of top-quality services, but also new relationship opportunities with other industry professionals. Credit unions, regardless of size, geography or charter, are able to connect on a new level by participating with their peers in this new peer-to-peer opportunity network.

As important as the business partnerships that participation in this collaborative network will undoubtedly foster, are the ways that Xtend can help you connect with your members. Like the Just in Time principles that are critical to the success of other industries, your credit union needs to be ‘there’ for the member (whether ‘there’ means the branch, the phone, or the internet) at the time they need you or they will take their business elsewhere. As an extension of your support team, Xtend is ready to help you meet members on their terms, through their chosen channel.

Our CUSO can help you connect like never before.

At Xtend, we have a phrase that we use as a rallying cry for our team – DEFAULT TO ACTION—and it is that overlying attitude that we think sets us apart from a typical vendor. Whether it’s striving for the lowest cost of compliance in the industry or helping generate a buzz about our credit union partners through targeted electronic member messages, our team of professionals has proven their mettle for many of your industry peers. This allows us to proudly proclaim that we guarantee you will see the difference when you engage our service delivery teams.

Our formula for success has been relatively simple—exploit the tools that we own as a collaborative network, utilize our capacity to execute on behalf of our credit unions, and stress ’the system’ to the point where technical and process improvements are made to the benefit of everyone in the network. As our business units have grown, so has our ability to leverage economies of scale in order to deliver bottom line savings to our credit unions and pave the way for investments in other strategic service offerings.
More than anything, we pride ourselves on being an execution company—providing bandwidth in the form of shared staffing services to our partners.

We provide an answer to the question, “If you had time and unlimited staff at your disposal, what would you expect to accomplish?”


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