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April 19-20, 2021

A 2-day virtual roundtable with a focus on member communications, with up-to-date topics and training opportunities! Discussion topics are chosen by participants.

Contact Center Roundtable (page coming soon)

April 27, 2021

A virtual roundtable focusing on contact center strategies, from inbound member support to outbound promotional campaigns. Includes relevant training sessions.

About Roundtables

Xtend roundtable events are intended to serve as a place for networking and collaboration. These are opportunities for like-minded industry professionals to come together and discuss best practices, thought provoking insights, challenges from the past year, and trends for the future.

Our goal is for participants to share their goals or experiences in today’s credit union landscape and identify key takeaways they can put into action.

General Rules

We use this term loosely. They’re more like guidelines.

  • Participate! Let’s dive in together
  • Be open and honest
  • Come prepared to show, tell, and ask questions
  • Criticisms and evaluations aren’t personal
  • What’s your takeaway? Set a focus from the start, leave with your takeaway, and put it into action

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