Looking for a simple yet effective way to talk to members?


Utilize our NEW Ready-Made Call Campaigns! Xtend’s Ready-Made Call Campaigns* give you the benefits of utilizing an outbound call campaign while eliminating the work you need to put in to create it. Ready-Made Campaigns* include pre-defined topics, audiences and scripts.


Launch your Ready-Made with these simple steps:

1. Order your campaign – click here for options

2. Approve Xtend’s pre-defined audience and call scripts

3. Finalize your desired launch date

4. Let the calls begin!

Boost your member interactions with the Xtension Contact Center! The Xtension Contact Center is a great resource to help you reach your members. Our agents are trained to provide exceptional customer service and professional selling techniques. By utilizing these services, you can guarantee members are made aware of the products and services you offer, and that leads are delivered in a timely manner to your follow up teams.

*Ready-Made Call Campaigns offered on an annual subscription or by one-time requests. Limitations apply. Contact us for more details: info@xtendcu.com or (866) 981-4983.