Beginning a Campaign

The first step in developing an Xtension Contact Center Campaign is to decide the type of campaign, the desired outcome, and the date range in which the calls will be made. Some examples of previous campaigns that we have completed for our partners include Auto Loan Rate Promotions, CU*EasyPay Awareness, Member Near Dormancy Outreach, Credit Card Drives, and Refer a Friend Programs.

Creating aBusiness people handshake at office. Script

Once a campaign request is initiated the script building process begins. The information needed to develop an effective script includes:

  • A brief description of campaign topic.
  • What is the goal of the campaign?
  • Any marketing collaterals to support the campaign?
  • Will email and home banking message be delivered to members prior to beginning of the campaign?
  • How many calls per member?
  • What is the call back number for return phone calls?
  • Who should incorrect information be sent to (i.e. Bad Phone Number)?
  • Who should leads be sent to?
  • What results suggest the campaign was successful?
  • What would deem this campaign a failure?

Determining Members

In deciding which members to contact, these are the questions that should be asked:

  • What age range do I want to contact (i.e. 18 and up)?
  • Do I want to include only those members with specific account types?
  • Do I want to include only those members in a certain area?
  • How many members do I want to contact?
  • Which member should be excluded?

Essentials Provided to You

After all the required information has been received, including the finalized script, the creation of the campaign essentials begin. Campaign essentials are the behind the scenes tasks that need to be completed to successfully launch the campaign. These include:

  • Configure the Xtend IP telephone server for caller ID spoofing
  • Essentials Completed in CU*BASE
    • Add Credit Union to Xtension Call Center Community
    • Generate and send e-message to members (if requested)
    • Create the Member File
    • Create Need Group and Task
    • Create Trackers
    • Create Memo Codes

Pre-Launch Fundamentals

Before the campaign can be initiated, there are basic requirements for every campaign that will be provided for you or requested from you in order to better execute the call campaign.

The fundamental pre-launch information, provided by Xtension includes:

  • Copy of the Finalized Script
  • How to Work with Member Follow-Ups (Documentation)
  • How to Tracker from Cross Sales (Documentation)

The fundamental prelaunch information that will be requested from you includes:

  • Employee ID to send incorrect member information
  • Employee ID to send follow-up member information
  • Phone number for return calls

The fundamental pre-launch an/or ongoing training for you team may include:

  • Working with CU*BASE Trackers
  • Working with Member Follow-Ups
  • Responding to return phone calls from members
  • On-Demand courses, personalized web-conferences, and on-site visits are available for further training

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