Building and executing effective services starts and ends with data. Whether evaluating a department’s activity, getting to know your members better, or determining ROI for a recent marketing campaign, Xtend Data Analytics will mine for the necessary insight and share our findings.
We understand that it can be daunting to get started on finding the data you want to evaluate, let alone analyzing the information once it’s found. We take things to the next level by not only looking over the data, but also providing a set of next steps your teams can take to improve your daily call center operations, monthly marketing efforts, and much more.

Data Analytics & Member Intelligence

Do we know credit union members better than you do? Xtend has gone above and beyond simply answering the phone on behalf of your credit union staff. We’ve taken a deeper dive into the calls we take for over 60 credit unions from all over the country, as well as studying the members who call. Over the last year, we’ve studied more than 150,000 phone interactions that have empowered us to say: We know who is calling, and why members are calling their credit union more than most credit unions do.

Well over half of all phone interactions can be split into three top reasons why members call: to check their balance, walk through transaction items, and inquire about their debit cards more than anything else. Surprisingly, these same members are also using Online or Mobile Banking more than the average member, and are usually between the ages of 40 and 55. This not only means that most of the members calling do not fit the demographics that staff and management had originally thought, but these members are calling for the same information they can and do see on their own. With this finding in mind, Xtend is moving forward with the idea that contact centers should be seen as the new face of member retail, and working to strengthen the quality of our member sales and service via phone.