2018 Shared Branching List brochure

  1. Review the brochure to verify the location information for your credit union and click here to verify your contact information.
  2. You must submit a verification (below) for the 2018-2019 year verifying that you have reviewed your information and it is accurate both within the brochure and on the contact page.
  3. You can order new materials on July 6th.



Xtend Shared Branching branch locator allows participating credit union members to find Xtend shared branching locations throughout the United States.  This application is designed to help members locate the physical address of participating Xtend Shared Branching credit unions.  Xtend Shared Branching credit unions allow member of one credit union to bank at another credit union in the Xtend Shared Branching network.

How will you market it to your members?  We have you covered!  You can download the PDFs below, or order them from our store!