Our eInfo is a ‘must’-have in your quest to maintain a top-of-mind, personal relationship with your online eStatement members. In its simplest form, think of eInfo as a way to put your statement stuffers in front of your eStatement members.   eInfo provides marketing content that is displayed when members view their eStatements.  Members can click the image to view additional information, or they simply close the eInfo to view their eStatement.  As your number of members grows, this will become even more important to your business & branding plan.  There are three options:

BANNER AD TEASERS -This form is used to correspond with the banner ad images found on your It’s Me 247 login page (aka the Online Banking Community “OBC”).



NEWSLETTER TEASERS – Newsletter teasers are the perfect supplement or replacement to expensive newsletter mailings and are a nice addition for members who value versatility.

FULL INSERTS – The Full Insert solution is our third and most popular format. With this format, a full marketing or advertising piece is displayed when your member clicks to view their eStatement. We affectionately call it “In Your Face.” This is an effective way to assure your brand gets in front of your online banking members.

eInfo is designed to:

  • Make a connection to your e-members
  • Keep your marketing initiatives consistent and relevant
  • Increase your wallet-share opportunity
  • Keep your products top of mind
  • Leverage your network of collaborative partners

To update your eInfo or OBC content, complete and submit the OBC or eInfo form. Requests must be submitted by the 20th of the month in order to be published the 1st business day of the following month. Failure to submit content by the deadline will result in scheduling the content for the next statement period.

To learn more about this service, please click here to view our handout!

eInfo/OBC Submission Form

*Late submissions will be charged a $50.00 late fee

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