The Keystone to Your Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plan

Xtend SRS Stand-In Bookkeeping Services provides you back-office coverage right when you need it. Unexpected absences, severe weather, power outages, maternity leaves, even holidays – you never know what life may throw your way and disrupt your back-office processes. Xtend SRS Stand-In Bookkeeping Services prepares you for the unexpected. Upon enrollment we will even credit your account with two free days of service and with one phone call, we are prepared to stand-in.

Group of businessmen under umbrella. Business safety concept. Isolated on white backgroundWhat can Xtend SRS Stand-In Services offer you?

  • Processing DRAFT and ACH Exceptions
  • Perform ACH maintenance from the PACHSU report
  • Detailed reports provided by the end of the day

Plus so much more! Write us in to your business contingency plan and rest assured knowing Xtend has you covered! Rest assured knowing that the Xtend SRS Bookkeeping team will always be one phone call away, ready to Stand-In for any reason.

Join others just like you in the Xtend network! Our collaborative business model has allowed credit unions of every size to expand their service portfolios and has helped level the playing field within the financial industry!

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