Xtend SRS Daily Bookkeeping Services are specifically designed to meet all of your daily back-office needs. Your credit union will receive daily back-office processing executed by a team of Xtend professionals. Never again will you worry about Federal Reserved deadlines or be concerned during an audit.

Our professionals are experts in:SRS Bookkeeping smaller

  • Check Processing, ACH, ATM and Credit Card Exceptions
  • ATM vendor reconciliation
  • Monitoring of suspense account balances
  • Vendor Settlement Entries
  • Reconciliations of Settlement Entries
  • Corporate Checks
  • Corporate Accounts
  • End-Of-Month Reporting

Our SRS staff can be called on to perform these professional services on a daily or stand-in basis. Can you afford NOT to look at SRS? Contact our professional services team today to design a program that works for you.

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