The National Credit Union Administration requires the 5300 Call Report to be filed quarterly to access financial strength and viability.

Partnership5300 Call Report Services

There is nothing more stressful than pouring over the call report every quarter and questioning whether there is anything you have missed. Worry no more! Partnering with Xtend SRS will turn the quarterly headache into your personal tool for trend analysis and long-term planning. Xtend SRS professionals will gather the data for your and store it securely within CU*BASE. When your quarterly figures are prepared accurately and consistently for you, you can stop stressing over deadlines and start using the report as an intended, a tool for measuring financial viability, trend analysis, and compass for long-term business planning.

Consistent | Reliable | Affordable

The most important aspect of completing the 5300 Call Report is consistency. Variances due to error, data sources, or incomplete data will misrepresent your credit union and your tends.

Your partnership with Xtend SRS ensures consistent and reliable data. Let us reduce the time you spend preparing the report so you can spend more time understanding it. The 5300 Call Report is more than a quarterly requirement, it is your key to identifying strengths and weaknesses which is critical in successful long-term planning.

Industry Experts

Utilizing industry experts that understand your business is vital. You cannot afford variances due to error and misrepresentation of your credit union. With over 20 years of experience Xtend’s Manager of SRS Services, Danielle O’Connor, will assure you success on every step of the way. Beyond consistency and reliability we educate your staff on just how easy reporting can be. Xtend is a phone call away. Don’t wait! At Xtend you will find real solutions, aggressive prices and customizable service.

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