2-Way Landline Texting powered by Zipwhip

Use Xtend to turn on 2-way cloud texting from your credit union landlines and toll-free numbers.  Much better than using short-code texting, this service activates your EXISTING phone numbers to support texts between you and your members!

It’s so easy – members text you from their mobile devices and you reply from either a computer, similar to an incoming email. Or, you can set this up to reply from your own mobile phone using your activated credit union phone number so the member never gets your personal cell number.

Don’t forget you can set up pre-configured “keywords” to promote all over your website and marketing initiatives. For example, Text MOBILE to receive a download link for our mobile app, Text PROMO for information on our lowest auto rates right now, etc.

Try it! Text ZIP to 866-981-4983 and you’ll receive information from Xtend in seconds!

Turn on a Member Service Line:

Open up your main phone lines so members can text in instead of spending time on hold, or struggling to find time to step aside from their lives for a phone call.  Once you go live with 2-way Texting, don’t forget to mention the new option in your IVR recording while a member is on hold.  Members will appreciate the option to hang up and text in instead!

Turn on a Lending Line:

(or one for each Loan Officer!)

Members can text in a picture of the car they want to buy, Lending staff can answer questions quickly – “what’s the status of my app?”, Members can request and schedule appointments within seconds… So many opportunities!

Turn on a Collections Line:

Provide a discreet way members can communicate with your team, other than picking up the phone for a call. You see transparency to all message conversations, and take advantage of the quick response rates that texting supports compared to voicemail.

Your next chance to see the full program in action is coming soon!  Schedule in and attend our next webinar demo to see Xtend’s powerful
new member contact solution:

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