Xtend is a 100% credit union owned CUSO that offers managerial, operational, marketing, consulting, and technical planning to its owning credit unions. Xtend acts as an aggregation point for shared resources that allows credit unions to deliver cost effective products and services to their members. This enables credit unions to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Xtend provides services to over 200 credit unions, representing more than a million members. Whether it’s generating sales leads with a targeted Contact Center campaign, implementing customized Member Reach Marketing to enhance your brand, providing SRS Back Office bookkeeping support, or overseeing a Shared Branching network that provides members exclusive access; we do so as a trusted extension of your credit union.

For comprehensive information regarding the services each department can offer, please check out the following materials:

Contact Center Services

Sales and Marketing Services

SRS Back-Office Services

Xtend Solutions include:

Xtend Data Analytics

Building and executing effective services starts and ends with data. Whether evaluating a department’s activity, getting to know your members better, or determining ROI for a recent marketing campaign, Xtend Data Analytics will mine for the necessary insight and share our findings. Read More

Member Marketing:

Inspire action in your clients and members.  Communicate the value of your credit union more effectively by partnering with our Xtend Member Marketing team.  Our team uses an omni channel marketing to capture your brand consistently through images, graphics, video, content and so much more.  Read More.

Xtension Contact Center:

Set the bar higher for member support with the help of the Xtend Contact Center.  Whether its overflow, after hours, emergency stand-in, outbound lending services, web chat, or even a complete member “help desk,” our team stands ready to answer the call Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm EST and Saturday 8am – 5pm EST. Read More.

Shared Resources and Staff “SRS”:

We understand a variety of circumstances can leave your back office resources feeling overwhelmed. Rest assured knowing Xtend’s Shared Resources and Staff is ready to help. Our experienced, knowledgeable and professional SRS team will help evaluate your key areas of need, and develop a strategy to achieve higher levels of productivity.  Read More.

Cooperative Liquidity Exchange:

The concept of Cooperative Liquidity Exchange (CLE) is being created to act as a catalyst for communication between our credit union partners on all sides of the loan-to-share spectrum. Many interesting investment opportunities with your peers exist within our CUSO NETWORK. The vision of CLE is to raise the collective awareness of these investment opportunities and, where necessary, provide the services to help facilitate. Learn more.

Shared Branching:

Our philosophy is that wherever your member goes, there should be a credit union to support their financial needs. We believe that by becoming a networked team, we can make our communities stronger. Xtend Shared Branching is a committed group of Credit Unions that team together to help make a members life easier.  Learn More.


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