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Xtend has Campaign Solutions for you!

Sign up for RevGen – Xtend’s campaign solution that bundles four multi-channel marketing campaigns under one set-up fee!*

If you’re looking for assistance with your marketing strategy and execution, or simply need additional hands to take on the work, RevGen is the solution for you.

Each RevGen Campaign can include:

  • Custom target audience built from membership data
  • Promotional emails to members on any topic
  • Outbound phone calls, especially to the members without email addresses on file
  • It’s Me 247 Online Banking Messages
  • Graphic design, printing, and mailing
  • Reports on campaign effectiveness

Want to reserve your credit union’s campaigns on Xtend’s 2022 project calendar?

Use the buttons below to learn more or to sign up for RevGen today!



Please note – Xtend will also issue new service agreements to any current and active RevGen Clients prior to the new year as well.

*Additional fees apply for ongoing communications such as per call, per email, or additional campaign services. See Xtend’s Pricing Guide or RevGen Overview for more details

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