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Xtend Shared Branching

What is Xtend Shared Branching?

Xtend Shared Branching is a network of credit union branches, allowing members to make transactions at branches across the nation.


Most users of the CU*BASE application suite have discovered the power of its integrated shared branching functionality. At Xtend, we have taken that step further by branding a uniform set of policies and procedures that foster a convenient and consistent environment for your members to transact their business.


The mission of the Xtend CU Shared Branch is to foster a shared branching environment that will deliver efficient and effective transaction support without the middleman and high fees associated with other services. Through consistent policies, best practices, unified marketing efforts and brand recognition this can be accomplished in an atmosphere of unity and excellence. To make it all easy for you we even have an Xtend Shared Branching Advisory Council to help you when you need it most.

What is Xtend Shared Branching New Feature?

The Xtend Shared Branching Committee is excited to announce that we have rolled out a new feature, XSB Phone Op Transfer. This new feature is solely for serving your own members. When a member calls your credit union and would like to transfer funds to an Xtend Shared Branching Credit Union account they are now able to do so. Convenient? Oh yes!

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