First Trust Credit Union

“Knowing that we can predetermine the types of messages that out members receive is a great benefit of Member Reach.  The new graphics messages that started this year seem to be more widely accepted and read.  We do get those members that don’t want to receive any kind of marketing messages, however, it is easy to take them off the outreach list.  At this point in time, we are happy with the services we are receiving.”

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Sarasota Municipal Employees Credit Union

“We are new to custom messages, but have found them very helpful.  Since so many members use e-statements now, the old way of marketing with statement stuffers doesn’t work well anymore, and direct mail is extremely expensive for a small credit union to do often.  We have found the HTML messages look terrific, and our members actually look at them.  We like anything that helps us communicate effectively and HTML does the job for us.

We use several of Xtend’s services, such as SRS Bookkeeping, Inbound Call Center, 5300 Call Report preparation, Member Reach, On-Line Chat, and Audit Link.  We are a small ($28 million) credit union, with only 7 staff members.  When we add CU Overdrive, website and email to the equation, we can compete with all the large and community banks in our area.  Frankly, in today’s environment, I don’t think we could handle it all without them.”

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Western Districts Members Credit Union

“RevelTV allows us to display beautiful, timely messages.  There is less clutter than hanging up many posters, and marketing materials are presented on an eye-catching TV platform that is hard not to notice.  We don’t need any traditional marketing skills to use it.  Revel TV has put together great messages!  Graphics are fantastic, presented in a professional manner.”

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