Why are marketing opt-out requests from your members important?

Incorrect opt-out maintenance can have a BIG impact on communication with your members. Not only do you risk upsetting members, but continuing to email marketing content to someone who no longer wishes to receive messages, could result in a breach of anti-spam laws (CAN SPAM Act of 2003). If a person unsubscribes from your email and then continues to receive regular marketing, you are risking more than a customer-service complaint. Your member may also go so far as to file a spam complaint with the email service provider.

Failing to provide an option to unsubscribe and opt-out from communications turns into a headache for your member, harms your reputation as a company, and affects the network of other CU*Answers credit unions.

All credit unions within the network of CU*Answers share the same email servers for CU*BASE-generated messages. If your emails are considered spam by ISPs and email providers, it will make all mail sent from these servers look like spam. It is highly important that you treat all unsubscribe and opt-out requests seriously and manage them efficiently.

What will Xtend do for you to help manage this task?

Xtend will provide and host a link for your CU*BASE email’s signature line that will direct members to Xtend’s Member Reach unsubscribe request form.

Any unsubscribe requests submitted through that online form will come directly to Xtend, and will be processed by Xtend within 10 business days.

Xtend will do its due diligence by performing regular audits of your signature line to make sure that your credit union has the best chance at remaining within compliance.

Xtend will also perform regular audits of your general “From” email address to confirm that it is valid and mailable.

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