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You only get one first impression!

When a member joins your credit union they are at a critical point in their financial journey. They’re actively watching & making decisions about their finances and making sure all their ducks are in a row. This is the time to establish first impressions of all your benefits and services.

New Member Onboarding is an automated, data driven series of emails that targets the needs and questions of your new members. Tailor your message and engage your members with the information they want to know when they want to know it.

Because we target members at this critical time message engagement rates are often double what they are for quarterly promotional campaigns. If you want to get something in front of your members’ eyes, this is the time to do it.

How could Xtend's New Member Onboarding Journey help your credit union?

When Xtend recently compared new member engagements levels of credit unions who partner with us for New Member Onboarding to those who do not, we found:

Xtend NMO members are 4% more likely to have a checking account and 3% more likely to have a debit card on file within the first 30 days of opening.

An average of 6% higher loan penetration from new members than credit unions who do not utilize Xtend NMO services.

And the average eNotice enrollment from members was 26% higher.

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