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This is the new website for Xtend, Inc. Our old site, formerly at this address, has been replaced. All the critical content from the old site has been carried over. The search function will be useful if you’re looking for something specific!


How to search:

On large screens, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner.


On small screens, click the menu icon in the top right corner, and click “Search” at the bottom of the mobile menu.


How to visit a department:

On large screens, hover over the About item in the menu in the top right, and select a department from the dropdown.


On small screens, click the menu icon in the top right, and select a department from the mobile menu.


How to find our products:

Our products are organized into four categories, one for each department. To see a department’s products, visit its page and scroll down to “Products.” Each product is listed.


For detailed info, click the product’s title to go to its page. Product pages typically explain the benefits, inclusions, and pricing, and have a link to place an order.


How to place orders:

On a product page, scroll below the product information and click the “Begin your order” button. You’ll be sent to an order form. Fill out the order form and click “submit” to place your order.


Note: orders are like contract requests, not purchases. For most products, we’ll get in contact with you shortly after you place an order to discuss the fine details, make revisions, and draft up a contract before beginning work.


How to submit custom content:

Several of our products allow for custom content submissions. These submissions are made via a form, similar to ordering a product. Custom content forms are located at the bottom of product pages. Click here to select your product.


How to register for a webinar:

You can register for webinars and other events by visiting the Events page, clicking the title of an event, then scrolling down and clicking the “Register for this event” button. You’ll be sent to a Zoom page; fill out the form details and click “Register” to finish registration.


Need personal assistance?

Click here for live sales assistance, or click here to get in contact. We’d love to give you personal assistance or a live demo!

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