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Automated Outreach Made Easy

Many financial institutions report their biggest marketing weakness is a lack of personalization and automation. It’s no mystery why. Automated marketing can be overwhelming. It requires technical and system knowledge to set up and it can be daunting to know where to begin.

That’s where Member Reach comes in.

Member Reach is a library of pre-built automations sending crucial messages to members throughout their relationships with you.

Save time and money while also improving member engagement and retention with Xtend’s Member Reach! With messages from “Happy Birthday” and “Upcoming Loan Payment” to “Enroll in eAlerts,” there is a message to fit your members’ needs.

For even more flexibility, ask us about Journeys. If Member Reach is a library of automations, a Journey is a custom-written novel. It offers a higher level of data integration and member personalization.

Journey examples include New Member Onboarding, New Plastics Ordered, and Post Due Payment Reminders.

If you have the data, we can build a Journey for it.

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