Xtend is a multi-owned credit union service organization that provides clients with a variety of strategic products, services, and partnerships. At Xtend, our mission is to increase our client’s competitive advantage by providing the highest quality products and services at an affordable price.

Since our founding in 2002, our Board of Directors consists of credit union executives with a common vision of helping their industry peers stay relevant in the eyes of their members in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This vision translates simply – provide the highest quality service at a price point that sets us apart. As you explore our company, you will find that we are anything but “typical” in both the execution of our services, and the overall value we provide our clients, owners, and the industry as a whole. Our value proposition focuses on four main objectives: communication, collaboration, connection and execution, with an overlying spirit of innovation that encompasses everything we do. By aligning our goals with your business plan, we hope to help redefine the credit union’s vision of what it means to be partners vested in each other’s success.