About Us

Our value proposition focuses on four main objectives: COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, CONNECTION, and EXECUTION. with an overlying spirit of INNOVATION that encompasses everything we do. By aligning our goals with clients’ business plans, we hope to help redefine visions of what it means to be partners vested in each other’s success.

Partnering with Xtend means building a business together.

Xtend’s Bloodlines

Our CUSO (Credit Union Services Organization) features three main departments: Communications, Xtension Contact Center, and SRS Back-office Bookkeeping. With these departments Xtend is able to provide top-of-the-line service to partners, clients, and their respective members. That said, Xtend seeks to hire the best people for the job. Within this hub of shared resources we have a special job with specific tasks ready for each employee.

Perks to Working at Xtend

At Xtend, we believe in each employee individually and truly value those we choose to bring on board. Our employees deserve the competitive benefits and flexible hours that we provide. Xtend’s employees enjoy paid vacation and holidays, as well as flexibility with their work hours and additional paid leave.


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