Xtend announces new senior leadership program

Xtend, a Grand Rapids-based CUSO, has seen a lot of growth over the past years. From a renovation to its current facilities this past fall, to the announcement of new vice presidents, the CUSO has now announced there will be two tracks for developing leaders within the CUSO and will be providing a leadership program to its emerging and senior leaders.

“There is a lot of talent among our employees here at Xtend. We want to make sure we harness it, allow employees the opportunity to learn, and grow from senior leaders, and one another,” Liz Winninger, Xtend’s CEO said. “We see too many organizations getting themselves into a difficult position as far as succession goes. Our employees are what drives everything here. To make sure we foster an environment of continuous development and opportunity, we’ve started this new initiative.”

Xtend offers bookkeeping, contact center services, consulting, data analytics and communications to over 300 credit unions across the country.