Xtend’s call center goes beyond answering the phone

Xtend’s Contact Center is exceeding client expectations by studying call volume and diving deeper into the reasons that members call their credit union. In other words, Xtend is gaining insight into what members really want over the phone. The largest finding from these quarterly Contact Center studies thus far has been the top five reasons that members call: checking an account balance, walking through transaction history, inquiring about their cards, transferring funds, and finding assistance with online banking.

With more than 150,000 interactions studied across 60 credit unions over the last year, the Contact Center is now able to improve their member services, retailing, and operations. “Having a better understanding of what members are calling about and the frequency of the requests allows us to better focus our training and onboarding process to mirror their needs,” said Jason Conrad, Contact Center manager. “Having this deeper understanding also allows us to more effectively assist members and more frequently suggest additional products and services they may benefit from.”