Xtend Contact Center announces mobile chat support

The Contact Center team of cooperative CUSO Xtend announced that it will now offer mobile web chat support to all clients in June 2019. Support on this new platform will be available to all credit unions enrolled in online chat support and will allow credit union members additional access to contact center assistance wherever they may be during supported hours. This expanded coverage is provided at no additional monthly charge or per chat rate changes.

“By providing support on an entirely new platform we will be improving the members’ experience, allowing members that may not have access to a computer to receive assistance and answers to their questions,” said Jason Conrad, Xtend’s Contact Center manager. “We recognize that members are increasingly on the move and the demand for support through mobile devices is growing. We’re excited to add another avenue to connect with credit unions’ members.”

For more information on Xtend’s web chat solution, visit the Xtend website.