New year, new content: Xtend’s generic “Member Reach” library gets facelift

Xtend has polished their pre-existing, general content messages to reflect a more contemporary appearance and better exemplify the brands of its potential, future and current users. Each message in the library portrays new graphics, banners and buttons and is more easily-customizable for any clients who wish to use the content. The verbiage within the emails has, in some cases, been slightly modified as well.

Xtend’s Communication Team—Darby Oswald, Jalyn Lindeman, Demonte Jones, and Aaron Hawkes—were all instrumental in the completion of the project. The team worked to ensure that client needs would be met with each message and members would only be delivered content that is relevant to that member. The library is ready for client view and use, as credit unions now have the option of updating their current Member Reach messages to reflect the changes in the updated generic bunch.

With exciting new updates and marketing opportunities, Xtend is looking forward to a productive 2019. For those seeking to view the updated messages, they are available for review on the Xtend website.