Thanks for joining us back in April!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event and participated in the discussions held April 15-17, 2019.

Below are documents pertaining to various discussions and points of interest as mentioned in the event.

Sales and Marketing:

Sales and Marketing Roundtable Agenda + Topics

Dashboards and Trackers:

Dashboard Mind Map

Dashboard Dives Schedule

Dashboard Videos

Dashboards and Tools Covered

      • #132 – Losing the Love Dashboard
      • #232 – Common Bonds
      • #447 – List Generator
      • #497 – Member Connect
      • #552 – New/Closed/All Accounts Dashboard
      • #979 – Where Your Members Shop

Contact Center

Analyzing Your Calls

Phone Optics: What Actions are Tracked

Employee Roles

L2 Tracker Templates


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