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Each month, Xtend offers FREE webinars focused on lending, marketing, and member service; these engaging webinars provide credit unions with helpful products, services, and industry tips to give them the leading edge.


Tuesday, December 4

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

OLLE – Contest Lead Generation

Traditional advertising still has its place, but chances are that many consumers will never hear your radio spot or see your television commercial.  That’s where digital opportunities come into play.  OLLE is the easiest way for you to turn your Facebook fans and Twitter followers into new members or even new loans.

Learn more about this amazing new software and what it can do for your credit union, with great features including its fully-customizable design, its loan calculator and more!


Wednesday, December 5

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET

Generate Fee Income with a New Card Benefit that Gets Price Match Refunds from the Top Online & In-Store Merchants

Relevant Solutions is introducing NEW benefits to your members.  Now, they can get the best prices on items even AFTER their purchase.  This platform offers price matching from top online and in-store retailers, digitizes and organizes receipts, and more.  You can use this as a standalone service or integrate this with your existing mobile banking app.


Wednesday, December 5

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

2-Way Landline Texting, Powered by Zipwhip

Text enabling your existing landline number lets you get in a text messaging relationship with your customers.  You no longer need to source a different number for texting—one number does it all.  Member Service, Lending Support, and Collections are the most popular uses of this powerful communication tool!

Don’t forget to use “Keywords” – Your member can text in a word like HOURS, and receive your pre-configured response automatically.  Or how about texting in APPLY and receive a reply with a link to your online loan application (if mobile-friendly)!!

Try it right now!  Text PRICING to 866-981-4983 and you’ll receive an automatic answer in seconds!

Don’t have your phone on you right now?  No worries – Bring your mobile phone with you to the webinar to actively participate in our live demo!


Thursday, December 6

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET

Buzz Points: Incentivize. Engage. Grow.

Do you want to create loyal members, support your community AND create a healthy bottom line?

The Buzz Points incentive-based member engagement and revenue generation platform can help you build loyalty and boost your bottom line.  By combining powerful incentives with engaging marketing, Buzz Points has proven to deliver undeniable results.

Join us to learn more about how using real-time messaging and powerful incentives can support your community and drive revenue.