Xtend adds new back office daily bookkeeping clients for 2018

Several credit unions have tapped on the resources of Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, to provide back office services as an extension of their internal team. Xtend reported that thirteen credit unions (Savannah Schools FCU, Valley Oak CU, Western Healthcare FCU, YS Federal CU, 1st Community CU, Sioux Empire FCU, Cornerstone Community CU, Affinity CU, Michigan Coastal CU, Fed Trust FCU, County Schools FCU, Plymouth County FCU, Texhillco FCU) transitioned the execution of several back-office processes to the CUSO. The daily work is performed by the CUSO’s SRS (Shared Resources and Staff) Bookkeeping business unit and includes a variety of back office tasks such as share draft, ACH, bill pay and ATM/debit card balancing and credit card servicing.

Danielle O’Connor, manager of the CUSO’s SRS team said: “We are excited that these clients have contracted our team to help them with their daily workload. As we continue to bring on clients, we are able to expand the knowledge and opportunity to learn how credit unions effectively run their credit union and handle their memberships.”

With these latest partners coming on board, Xtend now services more than seventy credit union back offices daily. Since each credit union utilizes the same core data processing solution, Xtend is able to provide this service in a highly cost-effective manner.

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