Kent County CU launches communication program with Xtend

Kent County Credit Union based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has joined Xtend’s Member Reach communications program. Kent County is the 111th credit union to move to the communications platform, which recently underwent a major overhaul and investment by the cooperatively owned CUSO.

Member Reach is an automated, targeted communications program created by Xtend in 2008. The program creates member lists based on a predefined audience and delivers the message to members via various communication channels, mainly email. Previously only offered to clients who utilized CU*BASE® for core data processing, Member Reach now has the ability to work with any data processor or program from which data can be extracted.

“With Member Reach, we focus on the ‘action’ created by the analysis,” said Liz Winninger, president and CEO of Xtend. “In today’s AI-driven world, there is so much information at our clients’ fingertips, but it can be overwhelming for them to manage the act portion, which is the most important piece of the process. By developing processes, tools and professionals who specialize in acting on data, Xtend has been able to help our partners become more relevant in their members’ lives, ultimately creating more value for a more informed member.”

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