Attention Vantiv Clients!

Xtend, in partnership with Vantiv and CU*Answers, is giving away one FREE* Vantiv campaign, or Vampaign, to all current Vantiv clients.

With five campaign options to choose from, let Xtend help you “Vamp Up” the interest in your debit or credit cards in 2018!

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Please contact if you have any further questions.


*Free campaign costs will include: 3 HTML emails, 1 OLB Message, 1 OBC Post, 1 Web Banner, and up to 150 outbound calls ($700+ value). Any outbound calls exceeding 150 dials made will be charged a discounted rate of $2.00 per call made.

**Campaigns MUST be completed before September 30, 2018.

***Please note Credit Card target audiences are based off of Online credit card configurations (Member6 file in CU*BASE). If your credit cards are offline, we will need to adjust the target audience depending on configurations available in CU*BASE.

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